winter skin care

The skin is the largest organ in our body, and it plays a very important role to keep us healthy. There are various factors that contribute to wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. So here goes a list of some natural ways to reduce these signs of aging and stay young for ages!

1) Keep Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin hydrated and makes you glowing. It will also help in keeping your muscles supple. In addition to this; you should consume foods high in fluids. For instance, fruits like pineapples, cranberries, lemon, limes, etc. can be consumed regularly to keep your body’s temperature down. They contain lots of antioxidants which protect cells from cell damage caused by UV rays.

2) Reduce Stress Levels

Being stressed puts stress on your body to produce more oil which leads to thickening of blood vessels thus causing hyperpigmentation, skin dryness, rough skin appearance. Try reducing stress levels by going out and taking walks, meditating or even doing yoga. Do something interesting that increases your sense of well-being or do creative things that make you feel good. This way, you will be happier and enjoy the beauty of nature, and it will definitely leave behind a younger looking face.

3) Cut Down Smoking

Smoking increases tension in the nerves, which causes them to overreact which eventually results in age spots and other problems with the skin, hair and nails

4) Get Proper Formulation

You should choose a product that suits your skin type and condition. You should look for products that enhance the health of the skin as well as remove dark spots and improve the complexion. If you have oily skin then choosing an anti-oil product may prove useful as they do not dry out the complexion but rather helps remove excess oils from the pores. And if you have dry skin, you may want an oil control product because they help with moisturizing. Take note that certain types of creams or lotions that are used on all skin types tend to clog pores resulting in acne breakouts, breakouts etc. Therefore, it is best to go for a specific formulation and stick to it no matter what type of skin you have.

5) Go Natural

If you want an effective and long lasting skin solution then try using organic ingredients and herbs. Instead of chemical based solutions you can use pure aloe vera, rosemary, peppermint extract, oregano, turmeric, etc. These herbal extracts and ingredients are known to provide relief from wrinkles and stretch marks. Hence, it is advisable to go for organic solutions.

6) Use Sunscreen

Sun protection is a must. Make sure to wear sunscreen every day. Apply liberally depending on your skin type and conditions. Your face needs sun protection for maximum health benefits. But remember always wear sunscreen at midday (sunset). Some skin types, such as those who often get burnt easily, usually do better a broad spectrum SPF30+ or higher than SPF50. Also, ensure you apply moisturizer after applying sunscreen. Moisturizer acts as a barrier making your skin fresh and youthful. It also prevents chapped pores and protects your skin from harmful rays. So when choosing a product, one must consider two aspects: how much sun coverage and whether you like being outdoors. Of course, avoid sunscreen if you live in areas prone to harsh weather.

7) Drink More Water

Water plays an essential role in staying healthy. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day will help flush all toxins out of your body. When you drink water, your body excretes less waste. Thus, it will leave your system cleaner and make your skin healthier. Most importantly, drinking water allows your body to absorb calcium, which is necessary for maintaining strong bones. Don’t forget to fill up on vegetables since they are packed with minerals that help your bones remain healthy and strong.

8) Cleanse Your Face Daily

Face cleanser is required for keeping off impurities from dirt that build up on your skin. You should wash gently using clean water. A cleansing cloth or cotton pad can be used, especially the darker side soaps. You can use warm water to wash your face, while cold water could be used if you have sensitive skin. Choose soap that suits your skin type and needs. Always rinse or scrub lightly to remove any impurities and keep them away. Follow this process in order to maintain the glow of your face and prevent skin problems.

9) Eat Healthy Fats & Nuts

Sticking to eating a variety of healthy foods is a great idea. One of the most successful methods to achieve the same is to eat nuts all through the year so as to reap their numerous benefits. These include vitamins, proteins, minerals etc. Eating protein rich nuts, e.g., almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, etc., will assist in weight loss, and their intake does not cause cholesterol fluctuations. Nut butter and nut butter are excellent sources of monosaturated fatty acids which can reduce inflammation.

10) Exercise Regularly

Exercising helps keep your body fit and prevent premature ageing. Exercises should be varied so that if you exercise on an empty stomach, which is common during the winter months, you will work harder to build muscle mass because your metabolism slows down and that is why exercising during summer could be beneficial. Aim to walk 10,000 steps each day. You may want to vary your intensity and time. For example, for beginners, you can start with walking up and down stairs. Over time you can add jumping jacks, running or biking. Remember to listen to music while working out or play video games. All in all, being active makes you stronger and fitter, and it keeps your body fit.

11) Avoid Bad Food

Bad food is one of the biggest contributors to wrinkles on the skin. People consume unhealthy foods which are high in sugar and chemicals. Consuming junk food can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and cancer, and it leads to sagging skin. Skip sugary snacks during meal times to reduce fat absorption. Also, avoid consuming packaged food and opt for homegrown food.

12) Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
Brushing your teeth twice a day prevents plaque buildup in the mouth and teeth which results in bad breath and cavities.

13) Know That Ageing Can Be Prevented Long Term

No matter when you start aging you should know that you are still young, which means you have lots of years ahead of you and that there is nothing wrong with you. Although age does affect our looks, it also gives you energy to move, live and make changes. As we age, we also lose hair, loose skin tone, wrinkled skin etc. However, you don’t need to worry about the reasons or consequences regarding old age. At any age, we don’t lose our abilities or capabilities, but we gain new ones. Just try to take care of your health and continue living your life on the right foot.